Day 424: Animal Lover

Madison had a great afternoon with Grandpa and Grandm Ambos. She napped, had a good lunch and lots of raspberries and then played and played with Stanley all afternoon. She loves spending time with Stanley and watching him fetch his ball.

When Madison got home she ate dinner and then played more with Carter and Stitich. She loves all her pets. She loves playing with them, feeding them and chasing them.

Madison also has been talking daily about how she wants to “save the bees” after seeing the new Cheerios commercial a few weeks ago. Lisa and Pat helped Mommy find the link to the Cheerios campaign so Madison will be planting and saving the bees this weekend. Join Madison in planting some wild flowers to help save her little bee friends. 

Madison had a great session with Emily in the basement tonight. She beaded necklaces, practiced walking in the harness and practiced sitting in her chair. Madison was happy to see Emily wearing her TShirt for CP awareness- thanks Emily!


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