Day 426: Success at the Dentist 

Madison had a great ride with Joe this afternoon. It was a beautiful day so they opened up the outdoor riding ring. Madison spent most of her time with Joe there and practiced moving up and down as Joe walked overtop of some poles on the ground. She then finished her ride out in the back trail holding a foam sword pretending she was a knight. They had her hold the sword so she would only be able to hold onto Joe with one hand and have to use more of her core strength. Madison’s friend Bonnie watched Madi and Joe and gave Madi a new horse stuffy at the end that she is currently fast asleep with. She named it Jo Jo. 

 After some down time at home, Madison went to the dentist. She was so brave and did amazing! The dentist counted her teeth, did a full cleaning and a fluoride treatment. Madison got a balloon at the end. Her teeth are healthy and all of her baby teeth are fully in. 


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