Day 418: Member for Life!

Madison had a great session with Kate at Grandview today. They did various activities to work on some new goals this block. They worked on climbing up objects by lifting her knees high and pulling so she can better get into her own bed by herself. They also worked on using a bench to help pivot and turn herself around to sit down which will help her with sitting on the potty independently. They did lots of stretching, reaching and core building activities.

 Madison went to Variety Village tonight. On her way in she was asked if she wanted a new membership badge as her old one was from when she was just under 1 years old. She was thrilled to get a new picture taken and a new badge to scan at the front desk. Mommy put her first badge in a special place to keep as a little momento for Madi to have when she is older. Variety Village holds a special place in Mommy and Daddy’s hearts and they know how important of a place it will be for Madison as she grows – she will be a member for life!

 Madison did a great job with Ryan at the pool tonight. They spent more time working on back floats and rolling from her front to back. They also practiced sitting on the wall and then pushing off with her feet. After her lesson, Madison played with Ruby for a bit in the hot pool which she always looks forward to doing. 


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