Day 417: Resources For Exceptional Children

Madison celebrated National Volunteer Week at school this morning. Her school would not be the unique and exceptional program that it is without the volunteers so this whole week they are being celebrated and thanked. 

Here is a thank you wall created by all the kids. Each family wrote one thing they are thankful for and all the messages are on display for the week in the lounge for all the volunteers to see.

After school, Madison spent her afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa. They had a fun afternoon at the park on the swings and Madison loved watching Stanley jump and Grandpa swing too. Madison also practiced her walking with Grandma by using the same pole she uses with Stephanie at Variety Village.

After dinner Madison visited with Pam and Medford while Mommy and Daddy had a visit with their new case manager from Resources for Exceptional Children. Madison had been on the wait list to access the organization since she was 12 months old. She is now off the wait list and Mommy and Daddy met with the case manager to discuss options for support. After a long conversation of Madison’s history, therapies, programs, school etc. A priority list was established for support. In the next two months the focus for support will be researching and finding funding for better transportation with a new and larger vehicle, looking into programs in the community that are inclusive to provide more group social opportunities, other funding options for equipment needed for the home and school visits to start researching possible school options for kindergarten. Madison’s case manager will also provide school readyness lists specific to gross motor and fine motor skills that will be communicated to her team at Grandview to help guide goals for treatment over the next year. It was a wonderful and very resourceful meeting that encouraged Mommy and Daddy that everything is on the right track. 

Before bedtime, Madison used one of her new bath bombs that she got from Ruby’s fundraiser for bath time. She chose the orange creamsicle scent and loved it! 


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