Day 419: Trusting a New Friend

Madison had a great ride with Joe today. 

Madison’s routine before starting her work with Joe is to sit on the physio ball to stretch out her legs and then put her helmet on.

Today they worked on strengthening her core and posture. They had her lying down on Joe to feel him move when on her back and then sit up and turn her upper body side to side. This helped her continue to bond with Joe to build trust, and to do some hard work with her core muscles. She also touched his mane and tail more and talked to him to continue to get comfortable with him. 


The sun was shining so they headed outside for a ride. Riding on the back trails is much harder then riding in the indoor ring because the ground in uneven and there are more hills outside. Madison got an excellent workout and thanked Joe by giving him an apple and a carrot after their time together. 


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