Day 416: Hands off!

Madison had a great morning at Nana and Papa’s. She baked cookies with Nana, went for a walk outside with Papa and practiced standing and reaching for toys with no hands! We are being encouraged to assist Madison with her walking and standing with our hands off by exposing her to different methods of trying to walk to mix things up, keep her motivated and to develop problem solving skills. Her growing awareness of what challenges her has brought some nervousness about trying things by herself. The more she gets use to not feeling a helping hand when moving, the more confident she’ll become in trying to stand and walk by herself. We have been trying this by using a pole, holding her shirt or pants, using a harness or getting Madison to walk holding a toy and then holding the same toy to help support her. We have been focusing on these strategies a lot for the last couple of days and already see a big improvement with her confidence and risk taking. 


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