Day 381: Sunday Workout

Madison spent her morning with Nana and Papa. They went to their favourite Pickering breakfast spot and then ventured to the mall.


At the mall Madison had quite the workout. She used her walker all the way from the parking lot, into the mall, up and down the isles in PJs pets, around the mall and then all the way back to Dairy Queen and out to the car. She did a fantastic job finding her way and moving her walker where it needed to go and even attempted going down a double ramp on her way back to the car.



Madison loved looking at all the fish and snakes and kitty’s in the store. She even looked for and got a special toy for both Carter and Stitch. Her trip to the mall finished with her favourite ice cream from Dairy Queen – Vanilla soft serve with pink sprinkles! She got quite the brain freeze. Thanks Nana and Papa for the great morning and for the walking workout!

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