Day 382: Sleepy Monday

Madison did not want to get up this morning. It has now become a daily challenge now that her level of activity and movement has increased. She has spurts of her day where she is very tired and has a hard time being independent, active and able to engage in what is happenning. We often think back to a conversation with one of her doctors about how many more calories a child with CP uses daily versus a typical child. We have an appointment with one of Madison’s doctors in a few weeks to address her nutrition and look at how many calories she should be having each day and what types of foods will give her the strength and energy she needs as she can be very picky with what she eats. We will also be discussing her sleep habits and how to give her what she needs to get really good sleep to help her with the physical demands she has every day. She was very tired tonight and was not able to finish her session with Emily. They practiced some standing and walking and played with her favourite toys and then she was ready for bed.


Madison had a fun afternoon with Grandpa, Grandma and Stanley. She really liked going on the swings at the park and she played with Stanley with her letters and numbers.


One thought on “Day 382: Sleepy Monday”

  1. Learning and trying so hard all day IS very tiring – never had considered the impact it would have on little Madison. It will be good to talk to the nutritionist and find ways to add more calories and powerful food into her diet. Thanks for sharing!


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