Day 380: Little Miss Dare Devil

Madison’s day started with a nice visit with Ruby, Sara and their family. Madison introduced her brother to them and had a blast playing with Ruby in her room.


Madison spent her afternoon doing what she called “tricks”. Her first trick was sledding for the first time. She did a great job sitting up straight in the sled and held on tight as she went down the hill. Mommy and Daddy picked a bad hill to start on. Madison went so fast that Daddy had to throw the phone out of his hands while trying to video and catch Madison in her sled before she hit Carter and others in her path. She was a bit scared after her first hill, but she went back up with Mommy and tried a few other spots.  Mommy and Daddy were happy to see that she kept trying even though she was nervous. It’s great to see Madison push through her comfort level and try new things that are physically challenging for her.


Jack was happy staying warm and watching his sister from the stroller


Her last “trick” of the day was tumbling off the baby bouncer onto Carters dog bed. It was not the safest game in the world,  but Mommy and Daddy were thrilled seeing Madison try something new that physically she has never done and climb and tumble like any other toddler would. Madison is becoming much more adventurous and not as timid with her movements and play.

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