Day 320: A New Tuesday for a New Year

Today Madison started her new Tuesday schedule. Her day started with a fun morning at school. Her teachers wrote in her daily journal saying that she is using her walker for everything in the classroom and gym and that she is confident and beaming with pride. We are so pleased with how well she is using her walker.

After school Madison went straight to Grandview to have a session with Kate. They worked on squating to standing, walking using the wall for support and stepping up and down on a step.  Kate also incorporated basketball today which Madison  was a big fan of. Madison also walked into physio by herself and walked out by herself.



After an afternoon playing with Daddy Madison was back at Variety Village for a swim lesson with Ryan. After the lesson she told Mommy and Daddy she did bubbles and kicking with Ryan and had lots of fun in the hot pool. She also practiced her walking with him up and down the ramp.

It was a busy day but Madison was a rock star and worked hard at everything she did – and was all smiles!

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