Day 321:VV Physio

Today at school Madison enjoyed playing with the new toy piano in the classroom. During gym class she played with bean bags and the hop scotch board. During snack she used her big girl voice really well to ask for more of what she wanted. She had a great morning.

After school Madison went to Nana’s house. She layed down for a bit, had a yummy lunch, read some books and then had a nap again. Madison is starting to get really tired from getting back to her schedule and all her activities. She was very sleepy when leaving Nana’s but turned around when she got to Variety Village.

Madison did a great job at physio considering how tired she was. She walked in and out of her session in her walker. We now have to try and be early for things and have time after as it takes us a lot longer with Madison using her walker hy herself – but it is so worth it! Madison and Stephanie worked on standing in her ski boots, walking in her walker and learning how to lift the walker to turn and did lots of good stretches. She used Stephanie’s gators and got a good long stretch. Stephanie let Madison borrow the gators so she can do some deep long stretches at home. Madison stood by herself for 10 seconds and took 3 independent steps!!


After physio Pam stopped by to bring Madison some clementines. She LOVED them and has already eaten 3!


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