Day 319: Back to School!

Winter break is over and today Madison was back at school. It’s usually difficult to wake her up in the morning. She hides under the covers and does anything possible to not leave bed to get dressed. But this morning she got up right at 7, happily got ready and ate all of her breakfast because she was happy to be going back. All through breakfast she talked about her friends and her teachers so we knew she was excited to go back. Madison made huge gains over the break with the use of her walker so we talked to her teachers about that being her main goal in the next few weeks- using her walker as much as possible during play and transitions at school. She also had her AFO’S back on for the whole morning and everything went well and looked good with her feet after the most recent adjustments.

After school Madison spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos. They played with a melting snowman, had chicken fingers and fries for lunch and watched birds in the backyard.



Madison spent her night with Emily working hard in the basement.  She did lots of sitting and reaching activities, walking and followed instructions really well. She also tried sitting in a butterfly position on the ground to play. She was also very happy to hear about her play time with Emily. Madison thrives with routines so we know she will have a great week now that everything is starting up again and she knows what is happenning each day.

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