Day 292: Celebrating Babies!

Madison had an earlier session with Kate at Grandview today. She went straight after school so she was a bit tired and wasn’t able to finish the whole hour – but she worked hard and did well in the time she was there. She practiced lots of standing and walking!

After physio Madison visited with her new friend Owen! Owen is 1 week old and is perfect! His Mommy and Daddy are doing great and Madison loved meeting him. She was very curious and was very gentle. We were all thrilled to meet the little man and to hear how well he is doing.

After celebrating one little friend it was time to go to dinner to celebrate another – Nate’s 1st Birthday! Madison went out for dinner to celebrate her cousins big day. They both enjoyed lots of ice cream and after dinner they had a play together with all of Nate’s new toys. Happy Birthday Nathan!


Madison’s bath time was a special moment tonight. It was the first bath she had with no assistance such as a sling or chair. She did a great job and loved splashing about, moving and doing whatever she wanted. She was a little wobbly which made Mommy nervous but she loved every moment.


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