Day 291: Christmas Tree!

At school today Madison liked making Hanukkah candles out of wax.  They also read a story about a boy and his draddle.

She spent her afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos making Christmas crafts.

When Madison got home she helped decorate her Christmas tree before dinner. Mommy and Daddy asked her to find certain colours or themed ones and her job was to dig through the box to find them.  She also liked hanging ones up high with the help of Daddy. She did a great job.


After dinner Madison had some play time and physio with Emily in the basement. They played with lots of toys and practiced different physio activities like stepping up and down on a stool in her play kitchen. She loves her time in the basement and Mommy and Daddy appreciate having the time to get things done and for Mommy to put her feet up.


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