Day 293: Showers of Joy!

Mommy had a special visit with Little Miss Addilyn this morning.  Her and her Mommy are big fans of the Happy Soul Project and Madison so they stopped by for a lovely visit and to pick up the new calendar to support Kick It Capes. Thanks for your support and love Addilyn!


This afternoon Madison had a great class with Monika at MOD. They practiced standing while trying on holiday hats, crawled through a tunnel and practiced walking holding onto the bars with one hand and throwing balls with another. She was tired during her class as well as at school today and yesterday. She was also tired during physio yesterday. We suspect that from the botox Madison is now having to use some of her muscles differently that she is not used to and due to the adjustment she is weaker and getting tired faster. We hope with the continued daily therapy she will gain strength and energy.


Mommy spent her evening with a group of lovely ladies from work who held a beautiful baby shower for both Mommy and Lisa. It was so nice for Mommy to visit with co-workers and to receive such beautiful books and gifts for baby #2. Thank you again to Lauren for hosting!


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