Day 290:Birthday Boy!

Madison’s day started with a special visit from Abi who drove all the way from Oakville to help Mommy and Daddy. Thanks for driving her Sheila! They played in the basement with all of Madison’s favourite toys and with Carter and Stitch. After play time it was time to get ready to celebrate her cousins birthday!


Madison was very excited to celebrate Nate’s 1st Birthday! It’s hard to believe he is turning one on Tuesday and today family and friends gathered to celebrate the Littles man’s big day!

Here is Nathan one year ago


One of Madison and Nate’s first pictures together


Nate’s birthday was celebrated at a very special place for all of us – Variety Village! All the kids played in the field house on the air mattress, obstacle course, parachute and Madison and Daddy’s favourite – the turtles!! Mommy and Daddy were thrilled with how accessible all the activities were for Madison. Madison borrowed the walker she uses at Variety Village from the physio room and tried to use it for a little bit. She was more interested in getting around on the turtles.  After the gym everyone went to the party room for some pizza and cake. Madison loved visiting with everyone. Happy 1st Birthday Nate! We love you!


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