Day 289:Holiday Fun!

Madison had a great day kicking off the first weekend of the holiday season! Her day started with a special visit with Ruby! She has missed seeing Ruby and playing with her so it was a great visit. They played with Ruby’s kitty’s, watched Elmo, exchanged Christmas presents and had some yummy snowman cookies. It was a great visit!

When Madison got home she had a nice visit with Grandpa Ambos who was over helping Daddy install a new dishwasher. Madison  did a good job supervising.


Madison opted for some quiet time instead of a nap and watched Bubble Guppies on her iPad.  The deal we made with her was she could watch a few episodes if she did it in a standing position. We were thrilled with how strong she was able to stand with feet flat on the floor!


Madison then went to pick out her Christmas tree with Nana, Papa and Daddy. They went to the Scouts down the road to support the local Troup. She made an excellent choice!


Madison then spent the rest of her evening watching Papa and Daddy set up the tree, reading a new Christmas Elmo book with Nana and having a yummy dinner with candy cane ice cream for dessert. It was a great day to kickoff the countdown to Christmas!


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