Day 259: Parents Night at C.I.C.C.

Tonight was Madison’s first parent night at school. Mommy and Daddy met some other parents, explored the classroom and were able to sit with Madi’s teacher to discuss goals, next steps and get a feel for how she is doing and how the transition has been. Her assessment report had specific goals that focused on areas such as gross and fine motor skills designed by her PT and OT at school, cognitive goals, social goals, language goals, transition and independence goals and using the potty. The items outlined in the report are directed from the lead teacher and then shared to each of Madison’s volunteers each day to help implement and monitor. Her teachers also spoke of next steps for next year and applying to places for specialty kindergarten programs (like Bloorview) and to start thinking about things that need to be lined up by this time next year. Mommy and Daddy were given a report to bring home with lots more artwork and a beautifully laminated placemat for home that has all of her classmates pictures with names and her teachers pictures with names to help facilitate conversation about school at home. Lots of great information was learned and it was a nice field trip out of the house for Mommy.

These pictures and activities were on display in her classroom

image image image image image image image image

While Mommy and Daddy were at school, Madison was at Nana and Papa’s for dinner and then off to swimming at VV with Ryan. Aunt Suzanne went with Papa to swimming to see how Madison was doing. They reported that she did a great job with Ryan- lots of back floats, kicking and bobs under the water. The pool is really helping with decreasing her tone in her legs so we are so happy for her to be back in lessons. After swimming Papa took Madison home for bath and bed and of course play time with Carter and Stitch. Madison has skipped her nap 2 days in a row so by the time Mommy and Daddy got home she was out cold.

Madison and Ryan had the hot pool to themselves!


Madison stopping on the stairs on her way up to bed to snuggle with Stitch…


And to give her a good pat on the head


Madison requesting a baby book for her bed time read….she is obsessed with books that have babies in them recently

Madison and Papa saying Night Night!

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