Day 258: March of Dimes & Sticker Fun!

Madison had a great afternoon with her Aunts Janine and Suzanne and her teacher Monika at March of Dimes. She worked very hard on her walking, different balance skills and stretches. She loves her time with Monika and talks about her all night and says she is her friend that she plays with. Thank you Janine and Suzanne for all the great photos.

IMG_20151104_151239 IMG_20151104_151421 IMG_20151104_153107 IMG_20151104_153730

When she got home from Conductive Education class she opened up the mail box to find a letter addressed to her from her buddy Mazon. Madison is a part of a sticker club where her and her friends send each other stickers through the mail. She was so excited, she ripped open the envelope and started to stick the stickers all over her arms. If anyone is looking for Christmas ideas…she is currently obsessed with stickers! Thanks Mazon for the super cute stickers!

20151104_184036 20151104_184051 20151104_184216

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