Day 260: Physio Excellence!

After a fun afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos,  Madison went to see Stephanie at VV for some physio.  Today was day #3 of no nap so we didn’t really know what to expect as she was exhausted. Madison also had a really busy week with lots of activities to keep her moving – 3 physio sessions, one conductive ed class and a swimming lesson. Her physio session today ended up being one of her best ones ever! She stood by herself! She stood up from a chair from a seated position by herself! She even took some steps by herself! It was such an exciting hour to see how much she was able to do and how much progress she has made especially just in the last few weeks. Madi worked so hard. You could see how focused she was on her face and how hard she was working with her deep breathing and grunts. For such a little person she sure does know the meaning of hard work and determination. Mommy was thrilled that she left the house and was able to see all the wonderful things that happened at physio today.








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