Day 257: Grandview!

Madison was back at Grandview tonight with her PT Kate. Madi has been on a break from her service blocks since the end of August. We caught her up on lots. ..mri booked…xray being booked….pt at VV….March of Dimes. …new school….swimming….neurologist and specialist who is planning botox.  Kate did a re-assessment of Madison’s skills and movements to assess new goals for this 2 month block. Some goals moving forward are independant walking, use of walker and falling properly. She also noticed how much Madison has grown in the past 2 months which is contributing to how tight her tone has been. It was so great seeing how easy Madison picked up right where she left off with Kate and she even asked Kate where some of her toys were from 2 months ago…her memory continues to amaze us.  It was great being back with Kate! We can’t wait to see how things go in the next few weeks! Madison’s Social Worker Stephanie also stopped by to touch base with us on all of Madison’s changes but to also help us figure out our new curve ball of bed rest. She is helping us apply to CCAC for respite care at home and is looking into their volunteer network for at home help as well. It was alot of information in 1 hour but sooo great to be back!!




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