Day 255: Feeling the Love

Yesterday Madison had a friend of Mommy’s visit with lots of food and flowers. We are feeling truly blessed to have so many friends at Branksome Hall who are so caring and generous. Due to Mommy’s bed rest it has been harder to get things done around the house. Mommy’s friend Sharon brought bags of yummy food like mac and cheese, lasagna, pasta, salad, quiche, salmon etc. for us to have enough meals for the next 2 weeks! The flowers really helped to brighten up our day too. Thank you to all the teachers at Branksome Hall for helping us out during this crazy time.



Happy 60th Birthday Janine!

Today Madison went to a surprise birthday party for her Aunt Janine! Madi is so grateful for all that her aunt does for her and wanted to make sure her birthday was extra special. She helped Janine open her cards and blow out her candles and everyone had an awesome lunch catered by Casa de Giorgio.

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