Day 232: Pre-order for the Different is Beautiful Calendar

The moment you have all been waiting for is here…The Happy Soul Project Different is Beautiful calendar pre-order is now available. We will be doing a bulk order with 25% off. If you would like to order a calendar through us please email your name and how many calendars you would like to Thank you to those who have already placed your order with us through Facebook. We will place our order on Thursday October 15th. The calendars are $25 and then the discount is applied. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the bio pages at the back of the calendar…see if you can spot our special peanut. We will have them all delivered to our house to avoid shipping costs and then we can drop off to all who have ordered.


Background info on the calendar:

“Our 2016 #differentisbeautiful Calendar “shouts from the rooftops” Happy Soul Project’s message, that “What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Beautiful.” This year it features 48 children with exceptionalities, rare disorders, cancer and vast syndromes, all proud to celebrate who they are.

This year’s calendar is dedicated in memory of Maiysn, the inspiration behind our Kick-It-Capes .

Please note this is a Pre-Order so calendars will ship as soon as they are printed in the next few weeks.”

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