Day 233: New Beginnings

Madison’s new big girl bedroom was completed today. Mamma and Dadda spent the day getting things finished up and then went out to celebrate their Anniversary…which meant….sleepover at Nana & Papa’s for Madison!

Its hard to believe Madison has been in the same room for 2 years, and starting tomorrow she will be in her new room. Time is going by so fast, but she is ready for a new room, new challenges and time to adjust and develop new routines before her little brother arrives.

Madison’s sleepover started out with a nice walk in the neighbourhood and playing with her new pumpkin. She had her favourite dinner (chicken fingers & fries) and learned how to sing the Blue Jays song with Papa. She had a quick bath, snuggled into her new pj’s and was off to bed.

image image image image image image

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