Day 231: Creating Accessible Spaces

Now that Madison is growing and is wanting to be more independent we are reflecting on our different layouts in the house to ensure she can access what she wants. We are still in the process of getting her new bedroom ready but one of the things we wanted to have in the space was somewhere she can sit to get herself dressed independently. Currently,  Madison is still being changed on her change table. Her OT recommended that she start learning to dress herself from a seated position. We got her a good sized sturdy chair and hung hooks (from her buddy Charlotte) fairly low on the wall next to the chair. The plan is for Madison to get out of bed each morning, side step and crawl to the hooks to reach her cloths and then sit down in her chair to get some help to get dressed. The end goal is for her to one day do this herself and to dress herself. There is enough room for her walker to be used in the space once she is using it more freely.



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