Day 69: Conductive Education Class #1!

This morning Madison had her first Conductive Education class at March of Dimes. The class consisted of herself, and 4 other children all with CP under the age of 3. It was lead by 2 Conductive Education Instructors from Hungary. It was such a successful class! Madison demonstrated 3 things I’ve never seen her do before all in the first class! It was such a high watching her excel and show such determination and perseverance – so I obviously cried a few times lol. The class was two hours and consisted of ground work (back and tummy time exercises) sitting, crawling, side stepping and walking exercises. They also had snack time, music, circle time and free play. She looked so proud of herself and played so nicely with the other kids. It was nice being with a small group of kids who were working on similar goals and chatting with mom’s who get it. We can’t wait for next week…we are sold and are signing up for Conductive Education boot camp in the summer which is everyday for two weeks.

Here are some pics from her first class:









After her class Madison spent her afternoon with Janine and Suzanne playing with new toys, walking to the park with Buddy and enjoying the weather while I went to work.

No swimming tonight because of her ear infection so we will be back at the pool next week.

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