Day 63: Go Away Winter!

Packing for daycare every night is hard enough after a long day. But now that winter has decided to stick around I never know what to lay out/pack! Winter jacket or spring jacket…hat or no hat…rain jacket or boots or runners??

And with the cold sticking around, so are the germs…poor Madi is sick again…I swear she should win some kind of award for most times sick in her first year of daycare.


We have her humidifier and oils pumping so hopefully this one’s a quick one.

2 thoughts on “Day 63: Go Away Winter!”

  1. I think she and Lauren are probably competing for who has been the most sick in their first year of daycare! 3 rounds of antibiotics in as many months! Hopefully this makes them stronger..??!!! Hope she is better soon, Katherine. 🙂


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