Day 67: More germs!

I’m feeling under the weather and Madison is too, but I was determined to keep up with the blog…so this will be brief.

I worked late tonight and when we got home we took Madison back to the doctors. She’s sick again! Ear and chest infection! Hopefully that’s not what I have too.


Some parents might not like children climbing on furniture and getting up to no good…but around our house I hope and pray for it everyday! That would mean Madi was taking risks to try and move herself to explore new things and in new body positions she hasn’t done before. It would mean that she was getting stronger and learning how to coordinate and control herself to do something new.

It’s all starting to happen and we are very excited!

Here is Madi trying to go inside the shelf after pulling everything off the shelf. She’s very strategic with her curiosity and destruction lol.




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