Day 40: Guest post by Grandma Ambos

This morning Madison had a bit of a meltdown for her Dad so daycare was not an option. Off to Grandma Ambos’ she went.

Guest post by Grandma Ambos:

“We had a great day together. We went to No Frills to shop for our dinner. Madison held a cucumber while shopping and kept it all the way home. I was so excited that she did not drop the cucumber that we left the grocery store and walked all the way home with only the cucumber. Red faced I went back to get the rest of the groceries. Our cashier was smiling when we came back and had all our groceries packed up ready to go. I said I came back to complain, I just paid $29.00 for only a cucumber. Then we went for a walk around the block while Madison had a power nap. Madison enjoyed lunch of fruit, toast and baked beans, beans not so much. We then went to deliver the Bluff’s Monitor just like her Dad did when he was young. She then napped for 2 hours. For dinner she enjoyed Sheppard ‘s pie. Madison then played with cars and Grandpa  too. She didn’t play with Stanley today – he rolled in something yucky.”



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