Day 33: Guest post by Grampa Gregoire

Grampa Gregoire wrote:

“Madison and I got home at 5:45 pm from daycare . Madison kept asking Nana ? Nana ? When we got to the house she started Mom ma , dada dada ?Mom ma ?
She ate a bit of her pasta ,drank half her milk and I gave have some of the Heinz squeezable vegetables .Madison kept asking Apple ? We then sat at her chair an played with the farm animal puzzle . I think she thought it was funny when she pulled up a piece I would make the noise and she would throw the piece on the ground .I think she thought this was a good game ….have grampa fetch the pieces ! she sat in her floor chair for a while and we watched treehouse .She then started crawling over to the book shelf and tried to get a book off the book shelf to bring to me . We read six books ( about 6 times each ) . When ever she handed me a book she would scoot across the floor to the couch to read .
Just before James got home we raced around on her musical car .

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