Day 39: Surprise! ……Another trip to the doctors

Madison has been cutting some new teeth in the last couple days so she has been an extra pleasure to be around lol.


She usually gets a bit of a rash when she is teething, but this morning she woke up with quite the rash. Her daycare asked us to get it checked out to make sure it was nothing else…which meant…another trip to the doctors! After James dropped her off, he got the call, went back to pick her up, drove around Pickering for 45 minutes waiting for the walk in to open, got Timbits to entertain Madison, got her in to see a doctor,  got the letter from the doctor that she wasn’t contagious with anything and then dropped her back at daycare. An A+ for Madison for being such a trooper and an A+ for James for being flexible, understanding and a great Dad!

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