Day 1,329: Hello 2020!

Yesterday I told the kids that this New Years we are not just celebrating another year that has passed, but a decade of moments that made us a family. They didn’t know what I meant so we shared some important highlights with them.

10 Years that lead to our family of 4…

-James and I dating
-Starting my first teaching job
-Renting our first apartment
-My Mom’s liver transplant surgery
-Buying our house and moving to Pickering
-Becoming parents of 2 fur babies
-Getting married
-Becoming parents to Madison & Jack
– And a whole lot of other awesomeness scattered in between that is equally as important, I just couldn’t think of it on the spot

They had a million questions and it was fun to reflect with them.

Our New Years resolutions as a family are: we will continue to try new things together and go on fun adventures, be active, eat healthier, get outside more, be involved in our community and put family first.

Thank you to all our family and friends who continue to be by our side on this crazy journey and for all your support.

We hope everyone has a Happy New Year and all the best in 2020!


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