Day 1,225: Hypervibe

A big thank you to The Mike Gregoire  Memorial Golf Tournament for their ongoing support of Madison. She is making huge progress and your support this year has given her the gift of a Hypervibe whole body vibration machine. This was prescribed by Dr Park to help her continue to progress with her independent walking and to improve her balance and strength. It arrived yesterday and Madison loves it! She will use it two times a day to compliment her other therapy programs. Here is some information from Dr Park explaining how this will help Madison. Thank you for your support!254F2A0B-9D77-4D5F-8A57-9EB4FC6A531F2DB0E467-1AF7-4662-AAF4-592C7B57E941F778BF34-EDD2-4681-9D80-697E723CC0613DDAA03E-537E-46E3-B5BC-D164790F889A

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