Day 1,168: Thanks Texas!

Madison is home from Texas. She has mixed feelings about it. She was very sad to leave but also really missed her brother and her pets. It was very sweet seeing her and Jack reunite – they spent the whole day together and didn’t leave each others sides.


We are so grateful that Madison could go see Mike and the team at Monkey Business Therapy. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported the Mike Gregoire Memoial Golf tournament and the organizing committee for all their support and providing Madison with another amazing therapy opportunity.

Madison had her best session to date with Mike. She worked hard and did everything she was asked. She used her single point canes more on this trip than her walker which was exciting. It was so amazing to be able to just focus on her therapy everyday instead of all the other parts of our typical days like school and work. Everyday she ate well, got lots of sleep, stretched, strengthened and practiced her walking. We have a new home program that will help her continue to build strength, balance, endurance and pay attention to her hip issues. She will continue using her AFO’s daily and use her SMO’s during therapy. We are working on increasing her walking speed/rate and learning to walk with her arms down by her side. She will do more independent walking when out and about with no one behind her while wearing her ski helmet or bike helmet to protect her precious head. She will be starting a new vitamin regime and increasing massage on her hamstrings. Her stretching routine has been working well for her and will stay the same. We have some new equipment ideas, will be doing the program 3-4 days a week and then revisiting Mike and his team again in July.



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