Day 1,167: Texas!

Madison is in Texas!


She is working with Mike Poole and his newly formed team at Monkey Business Therapy. Our purpose for this trip is to pause, reflect and reset our goals and how we spend our time at home with a focus on hip health and walking. We are also going to look at other options for support to be able to move away from AFO’s and continue to build strength. This recovery from PERCS has been much more difficult then her recovery from SDR. We are hoping to come away from this with fresh ideas and a home program design that will help build strength and push off the discussion of hip surgery.


Madi had a great first day – she worked hard! Her day started with a big breakfast followed by a visit to the gym where we are staying. She had a great hour long stretch and then checked out the property.


She really liked the centre Mike was at and did a great job!




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