Day 1,134: Mini Intensive

This week with Mommy back at work and Madi with one more week left of summer, she is doing her own mini intensive from now until Thursday. Each day she is doing two therapies consisting of conductive ed, physio at Grandview or Variety Village and work with Jo-Anne at Smile Therapy for Kids. Thank you to all of our family who are helping Madison with her week of work while Mommy is back at work.

Today Madison had some fun being Belle the princess at March of Dimes while walking, practicing standing up and working hard for her 1:1 class. Thank you Fruzsi!


After some lunch she headed to Smile therapy where she did lots of great walking and working on her balance and weight shifting when taking steps. Thanks Jo-Anne!

After dinner she wanted to practice more walking while sneaking up on her brother to tickle him.

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