Day 1,133:Calling All Golfers!

Thank you for following Madison’s journey!
She would not be progressing and doing so well without all of your words of encouragement and everyone who has supported her over the past few years.

Here is Madi working on her falling and standing up, something that she wasn’t able to do two weeks ago before her PERCS surgery.

Her rehab program continues on – we are making a big push from now until Christmas to give her as much opportunity to access all her therapists and programs as much as possible. We will be able to do so thanks to the support of The Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament.
Golf Website

Registration  for golfers and dinner guests is open!

We are in our final few weeks planning towards the golf tournament to help Madison with her post op rehab and we are looking for family and friends who would be interested in helping us out by donating items for the silent auction – big or small, we would appreciate any support.

Madison is working hard, but is finding time for some fun before back to school!


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