Day 1,131:Keep Moving Those Mountains!

Madison was super excited for the theme at camp today…. princess dress up! She packed 6 different dresses because she couldn’t decide. She ended up choosing Ariel and later told us she hates that she can’t swim right now while her legs are healing, so she wanted to pretend to swim. Being at March of Dimes Camp has been an amazing way for Madison to get back on her feet and work hard, while having so much fun!


After camp, Madison headed home for some quiet time before heading to the basement for some more work. Claire was over today to do some work on Madi’s walking, balance, getting up from the floor, core work and some stairs. Madison was excited to show Claire the newest thing she has been working on… standing up from the floor! Every time she did it, it got easier and easier for her and she was thrilled, laughed, kept asking to do it again and again and wanted to show Jack. It was such a powerful and rewarding moment to witness Madison being successful with this skill.

It’s 11 days after PERCS and she’s up from the floor and walking! Madison has never been able to do this…she has attempted this skill hundreds of times over the past two years and today was the day it clicked for her.

In that moment all I could think about was her team of people….her specialists/therapists/cheerleaders/family… a group of 6 who have been with her along the way…they have supported us, challenged her and taught her everything needed to be able to rise up from the floor today and look Jack straight in the eyes and laugh. We are so grateful for the team of people Madison gets to work with each week. I don’t know where we would be without them.

After the kids went to bed, the first thing James and I did was sit down on the couch and talk about our amazing Madison…the second thing we did was email her group of 6… her amazing therapists, to thank them and share this video from today.

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