Day 1,130: SDR Family

Madison is now 10 days post op from PERCS. She is feeling good and is starting to get more comfortable with her movements. She at times is happy and excited by her “new legs” as she calls them, and attempts things that are coming as a surprise to us. Yesterday, she spent almost 30 minutes trying to stand up from the floor – something she has never been able to do – and with some aids to help her, she did it! and she was thrilled!


10 days post op also meant taking her bandages off and having a shower for the first time! Things are looking good.


Madi spent her day at the 3rd Annual Ontario SDR picnic! It’s always such a blessing getting together with other families walking the same path as ours. The theme was super heroes – very fitting for all the kiddos there today. Madi loved playing with her friends on the playground and decorating her cape!


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