Day 1,120: Almost Ready

Today was Madison’s second last day of therapy before her rest up north and then flying to St Louis a week today.

She worked her butt off today. The work started early at Smile Therapy with Jo-Anne. She had her measurements taken to know a baseline before surgery. She loved trying to spell words during her different exercises and finished the session with some great walking with the Stim machine.



After running some errands, Madi headed to NeuroChangers to do some work on the GEO. She also used the E-Stim there as well with a specific focus on her gastrocs which are the muscles being lengthened next week.


Madisons last stop of the day was a well deserved massage with Shannon.

The St Louis Children’s Hospital contacted us today to go over Madison’s surgery more in depth due to her Nephrotic Syndrome. They are in the process of consulting with Madison’s Nephrologist here and obtaining her health records. The goal of this review and preparation is to try and avoid a relapse after surgery, due to the amount of fluid they need to push through her body during surgery. Madison will also be meeting with their Nephrologist and anesthesiologist two days before surgery to review her reaction in recovery after her SDR surgery and to talk more in depth about any other issues. We are very pleased with how thorough the team in St Louis is and feel confident with their plan.

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