Day 1,118: Getting Surgery Ready

Madi continued to work hard at Smile today. She started strong but then had a rough finish. She is having a tough time lately being able to regulate her emotions. Sometimes it has been coming through during therapy which tends to derail things. We will continue pushing forward and teaching her the language to express herself and giving her the tools to help herself when she spirals. She has been asking about CP a lot lately. She asks almost everyone now how old they were when they first walked all by them self and she is questioning why her friends from school don’t do therapy like she does. We are trying to keep conversations open as she continues to try and understand the hand that she has been dealt.



After her sessions at Smile, Madi headed to see Eric her orthotist. One of the requirements after her PERCS surgery is to wear tall, solid AFO’s for 6 weeks after surgery to help her muscles be stable while she heals. Madi had hers fixed up today so they would fit her better. They were also prepared to be hinged once the 6 weeks post op is complete to help her transition back to her SMO’s.


One thought on “Day 1,118: Getting Surgery Ready”

  1. What an amazing little trooper Madi is! Such a hard worker. My nephew had swings of emotion around her age and older: the doctor suggested he needed protein so would he have cheese string breaks! Possibly worth a try? All the best ad you continue this journey. Hugs.


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