Day 1,075: The Cast Is Off!

Madison has really been enjoying her time at camp this week- she is doing lots of great walking and stretching and loves all the monster activities!


While Madi was at camp, Jack went to his first dentist appointment and did amazing! Inspection, cleaning, X-rays and fluoride treatment!


After camp, Madi & Jack went for a play at Rainbow World with Tiffany and Ben! They climbed, went down slides, got some good exercise and had a blast! Thank you Tiffany and Ben for the great afternoon!



Before the end of a busy day, Madi went to see Kate at Grandview to get measured and have a brief physio session. The casting was a big success – Madison is now measuring +16 with both legs! She will continue wearing her night braces to try and keep the range that she has gained as long as possible.


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