Day 1,072: The Value of a Dollar

Madi was very brave today. For the 3rd time in 10 months she was casted to stretch out her leg muscles. Her left leg was the only one casted because her range of movement is 7 degrees less then her right leg. She was able to achieve similar degrees the last time we casted, so we are hoping for similar results. She was thrilled to see the pink camo as an option.


After her casting, Madi went for a visit to the bank. She had never walked around a bank before and had lots of questions. It was explained to her that all the money that people had given her to learn how to walk was kept at the bank. We were there to wire transfer money for the course Madison has coming up with Mike Poole. The teller explained to Madison that her job was to send the donated money to Mike so that he will work with her on her walking when he visits Toronto. She was confused how everyone knew about her bank  but understood that their help would allow her to keep practicing her walking. She then asked the teller how much money it costs to do her walking so Mommy laughed and said – “I’ll tell you when your older” – the go to line to say when you don’t really want to answer the question lol.


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