Day 1,036: Day Three At Smile

Madi had her third day at Smile Therapy For Kids today.

Madi was so excited after her therapy to go to Bens house for some lunch and a play. Ben showed Madison some of his favourite Christmas toys…. Mommy had to drag Madi away …she really didn’t want to have to leave and pick up her brother…..she asked me to schedule with Bens Mommy again soon hahaha.

Once Madi picked up Jack they went home to visit with Emily for a play in the basement and then cookie decorating and a play with Nana. It was a great day!

Day 1,035: More Hard Work & A Nice Visit

Madison went to day 2 of her intensive at Smile Therapy For Kids. It’s nice seeing her work hard after a good break.

After the session, Madison and Jack went to see their Great Grandma Lynch for a holiday visit. They opened presents together and had some snacks. Madi showed Grandma her colouring and Jack showed her his remote control Thomas Train. It was a nice visit.

Day 1,034: Christmas Intensive Day One

Madi’s boot camp week started today and it was a fabulous start! She was at Smile Therapy Kids for two hours and then headed to Neurochangers for 30 minutes of “robot walking”.

Her Intensive at Smile started with 1 hour of strength training and then 1 hour of Medek therapy. She loved all the attention from Jo-Anne’s team of people who did a great job focusing on activities to target Madi’s needs. Unfortunately Jack wanted to help Mommy with editing photos tonight and most of today was deleted… we will have videos for you tomorrow.

Madi loves seeing so many of her friends today who were all there to work hard too! Madi is exhausted after day 1… which Mommy loves!

Day 1,033: The Calm Before It All

Madi technically has 1 week of holidays left, but today was her last day to do whatever she wanted before it all starts up again. She’s had a nice break from therapies, only doing a bit of her home program… but starting tomorrow she goes for a 4 day intensive with Smile Therapy in combination with other therapies in the afternoons. She spent her day playing with her Christmas toys and making birthday cards for a few parties coming up this weekend. Her and Jacks day ended with a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Emily. It was early to bed before it all starts tomorrow.