Day 1,043: Soccer!

Madi and Jack were up bright and early for snuggles and iPad time with Aunt Emily who is visiting for the weekend.

Madi was back at Smile Therapy this morning for some strength training while Jack was at his first Little Kickers soccer class. He loved it!

On the way home, Jack went for a haircut… his 2nd Birthday is approaching and he was due for a trim.

After a morning of exercise, Madi and Jack had a fun afternoon of playing which included baking cookies and making ice cupcakes for the snow elves in the backyard.

Day 1,041: Back With Stephanie!

Madison and Nana had a great afternoon together going to physio with Stephanie!

Madison hadn’t worked with Stephanie since before the break so they were happy to get back to work together.

Mommy was thrilled to see the videos- Madison has never walked on squishy blue mats before because of the lack of support and shakiness on the mats. She also did some rock wall climbing and lots of walking!!

Day 1,039: Back In Action

Madison was excited to go back to school this morning. She is a creature of habit and was ready to get back to routine. She was also looking forward to meeting her new teacher. She played outside in the snow a bunch of times and was the special helper in the class for the day.

After school Madison headed back up to Vaughan for more work at Smile Therapy For Kids. She had a two hour session doing strength training and then Medek with Jo-Anne. She is building little muscles and is showing good progress. She was pretty tired from school and had a hard time focusing at certain points, but overall worked hard and did some great walking.

Madison’s friend Cruz is doing awesome work at getting stronger too. He is almost done in St Louis and will be back soon. Here is an event that Madi’s friends Mike & Debra are throwing to help with Cruz’s therapy costs upon his return from SDR. Message us if you are interested in tickets. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased tickets- Madi can’t wait to see you there!