Day 1,012: And That’s A Wrap!

With the holidays coming and schedules changing, today was Madison’s last session with Stephanie until the new year. They did some walking, up and down stairs and more walking! Madi was super excited to give Stephanie a gift and helped her open it and then walked around the room holding it.

After physio and some dinner with Nana, Madi and Jack headed to the pool for their last lesson of the session with Hayley and Joe. They practiced their skills, had some fun and tried the water walkway! They both got awesome report cards! Thanks Hayley and Joe!

Day 1,010: Talking & Walking

Nana picked up Madison from school, went for a snack and then headed to Variety Village. Madi had a fantastic session with Stephanie today. Stephanie has been doing lots of walking practice mixed with verbal activities such as singing songs, trying to match the letters of the alphabet with different objects or reciting lists of things Madison knows. When Madison is thinking and responding verbally as she walks, her walking pattern becomes much smoother, relaxed and more rhythmic. We are convinced that the parts of her brain that are lighting up from the verbal problem solving are “exciting” her brain and making other tasks easier or more recognizable. It’s super interesting to watch. The simple act of making her think and not letting her drift off into space through play or silence has brought a new awareness to her planned movements.

Day 1,009: Terrific Tuesday!

Madi had a terrific day! She practiced for her concert at school, talked about the advent wreath and learnt a new prayer.

After school, Nana and Madi went to Neurochangers for her best session ever! She worked hard and walked the whole time.

After working with Bri, Madi made her way to ballet. She loved her class tonight and posed for a picture next to the Christmas tree!

Day 1,007: The Romano Concert

Madi and Jack had a great start to their day. They went over to Pam and Medford’s house for a visit while Mommy & Daddy got some things done. They coloured and played with stickers and had some lunch

After their visit it was time for Madi to head downtown for a special concert. Jack went to Nate’s house for a play and to help Papa and Uncle Mark build their backyard rink.

Madi was super excited for the concert. She was invited by Mario Romano and his family to attend with some of her other warrior friends. The music that Mario played was amazing and Madison loved listening and being busy getting in and out of her seat the whole time. Mid way through the performance, Mario addressed the crowd and said some lovely things about Madi and her warrior friends. The special surprise at the end of the concert was a Performance by the Kenyan Boys Choir. Madison was mesmerized by their dancing and playing of the drums.

After the performance drinks and food were served which the kids loved! Madi was thrilled to spot her poster blown up from someone at the event.

It was then time for the most exciting part of the night…. meeting Mario for the first time! He said hello to all Madi’s friends and had such kind words and lots of hugs for them. For those who may need a reminder, Mario was the very generous man who made the large donation to 16 children back in March who had already had SDR, or who were in the process of going for the surgery. He donated $500,000!!

He promised them a party this summer at his house for all the warrior kids he has helped over the past year as a time to get together and reflect on all the amazing people that help one another and all of the amazing cp kids and how special they are.

Mommy’s most memorable part of the evening was watching the Kenyan Boys Choir sing to Madison and her friends back stage after the event. It was magical…a very special moment. Check out Madi’s Facebook page to see the video.

Thank you to the Romano’s for a beautiful evening!

Day 1,006: Party at VV

Madison and Jack went to VV today for the Toronto Fire Christmas Party. They donate to VV every Christmas and Madison was asked to be the ambassador for the event to accept the Cheque on behalf of all the amazing kiddos who access VV just like her. She sat with Santa (shocking) and visited with the Mayor who was also there supporting the event.

Day 1,005: Welcome Back Molly!

Madison and Jack were thrilled to see their friend Molly the Elf at breakfast this morning. She wrote a letter to say hello and reminded them of how busy Santa is at this time of year so she will be helping to keep an eye on things for him. She also reminded them to do something kind everyday to fill someone else’s bucket.

Madison did lots of rehearsals at school today to prepare for her upcoming concert. She is super excited! After school her and Jack went to see Stephanie at VV for some physio. She finished up all her videos for Dr Park that Mommy will be sending this weekend. Thanks for all the help Stephanie!

After physio and some dinner (thanks Nana) they headed to the pool. Jack has become super comfortable in the water now and truly enjoys himself – so awesome to see! Madison and Hayley did lots of floats and bubbles together and some underwater swims!

After a busy day the kids headed with Grandma and Grandpa to go see the lights on the beach they really liked it.

Day 1,004: Back in the Groove

Madison had an excellent morning at March of Dimes. She’s slowly getting back in the groove of good days full of energy and progress.

She then spent some of her afternoon with Janine and Suzanne for lunch and schmoozing with some famous figure skaters.

Madi and Mommy headed to riding for her last class before the winter. She had a great session and will miss Max. Her biggest improvements were her breath control when giving the horse commands and her posture while learning to trot. We can’t wait to do lots of riding in the spring!

Madison had an excellent end to her day – a visit and massage with Shannon!

Jack has been LOVING his time at Jackie’s Daycare – he can’t get enough of his buddy Owen!