Day 1,005: Welcome Back Molly!

Madison and Jack were thrilled to see their friend Molly the Elf at breakfast this morning. She wrote a letter to say hello and reminded them of how busy Santa is at this time of year so she will be helping to keep an eye on things for him. She also reminded them to do something kind everyday to fill someone else’s bucket.

Madison did lots of rehearsals at school today to prepare for her upcoming concert. She is super excited! After school her and Jack went to see Stephanie at VV for some physio. She finished up all her videos for Dr Park that Mommy will be sending this weekend. Thanks for all the help Stephanie!

After physio and some dinner (thanks Nana) they headed to the pool. Jack has become super comfortable in the water now and truly enjoys himself – so awesome to see! Madison and Hayley did lots of floats and bubbles together and some underwater swims!

After a busy day the kids headed with Grandma and Grandpa to go see the lights on the beach they really liked it.

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