Day 1,022: Finish Strong

Madison’s PT Stephanie taught her from the start… whatever you are working on – finish strong. From a young age Madison learnt very quickly the meaning of hard work and not stopping until the end. Tonight was one of her last therapy sessions and then she will be on a break for about 8 days. Her and Jo-Anne did some good work together, but with School coming to an end and long busy days, Madison was exhausted and needed motivation to keep working. We were all proud of her but she clearly needs a break and to be rested.

Day 1,021: Bright & Early at the Pool

Madi had her final swim this morning before Christmas break. She is going through a growth spurt at the same time as having a cold so everything is uncomfortable and tight for her right now. The 1 hour swim was perfect to get everything moving for her. Madi hung out with the team after until the end of practice.

Madi and Jacks friend Ruby gave them super cute Christmas presents after practice… thanks Ruby!

The rest of the day was spent at home resting and trying to get rid of all the germs. Madison helped get all her gifts for School ready. Her job was to read Mommy the list of names from her class for their cards. She did an awesome job!

Madison is slowly becoming more confident at trying to walk around at home. She walks nervously when someone isn’t right behind her so we are very proud of her for trying.

Jack is still on the mend and spent his day lounging around the house in his PJ’s.

The countdown is on…8 days!

Day 1,019: School Spirit!

Madison has loved all her theme days in December. Her School does different themes on Friday’s leading up to the Christmas holidays that Madison has loved participating in. Today was crazy hair day!

Mommy also had a long chat over the phone today with the OT assigned to Madison within her school. She is starting a second block of OT at school that will focus on safety, positioning, accessibility, fine motor and self help skills. We are very impressed thus far with all the supports and people put in place for Madison to be successful.

Day 1,018: Last M.O.D.

Madison had her last conductive ed class today before the holidays. We are thrilled with the work she has done at March of Dimes on Thursdays and have decided to continue with it again in the new year.

Madison then went for lunch with her great aunties and friends. Madison’s new friend Lauren made Madi’s hair beautiful!

Day 1,017: Craft Day!

Today was Christmas Craft day in Madison’s class. They had 6 volunteers run craft stations that all the kids rotated through all morning. One of the stations was run by Nana! Madison did a great job and had lots of fun. Here are some of the crafts the class made.

Daddy picked up Madison at lunch to go see Dr Wong for a check in. Madison has been in remission for 1 month now – the longest time span since her diagnosis! It was a great news visit!

They then went to Grandview for a PT session with Kate and Emily!

Day 1,015: Class Book

Madi had a great session with Jo-Anne tonight. We made it through the snow just in time. She worked hard and got to try out new strengthening exercises that Jo-Anne was taught in her recent workshop in Florida. Mommy has more new ideas on how to continue building strength at home.


Madison was super excited that it was her turn with her class homework project. They are making a class book based off the the Christmas Story. She was asked to pick a Christmas word to write about and draw a matching picture. She picked Joseph and was very proud of her work.

Day 1,014: Sunday = Family Fun Day!

Madi and Jack started their day with a sleep in….wooooo! They then got up to no good while Mommy and daddy slowly woke up.

After some breakfast they went over to the plaza to the new Crock-a-doodle for some fun, painting Christmas presents. They loved it!

On their way home they braved the freezing cold to pick out their Christmas tree!

Once they were home, Madi warmed up by doing some physio with Claire in the basement. They worked on stand ups from the floor and lots of squats to stands and walking. Aunt Emily then arrived to spend the evening at the house while Mommy and Daddy went to Papas birthday party. Thanks for your help Aunt Emily!

Day 1,013: Happy Birthday Nate!

Madi and Jack were up bright and early for a fresh haircut! No more hair in the eyes or mullet looking hair.

It was then time to go to Nate’s party! They were super excited to play in the sand for Nate’s construction zone party. They played with trucks, diggers and shovels before eating lots of pizza and cupcakes and then playing some more. Thanks for a great party Nate!

After the party, Madi and Nate had a play and opened some presents! Jack passed out at home. It was a great day.