Day 1,021: Bright & Early at the Pool

Madi had her final swim this morning before Christmas break. She is going through a growth spurt at the same time as having a cold so everything is uncomfortable and tight for her right now. The 1 hour swim was perfect to get everything moving for her. Madi hung out with the team after until the end of practice.

Madi and Jacks friend Ruby gave them super cute Christmas presents after practice… thanks Ruby!

The rest of the day was spent at home resting and trying to get rid of all the germs. Madison helped get all her gifts for School ready. Her job was to read Mommy the list of names from her class for their cards. She did an awesome job!

Madison is slowly becoming more confident at trying to walk around at home. She walks nervously when someone isn’t right behind her so we are very proud of her for trying.

Jack is still on the mend and spent his day lounging around the house in his PJ’s.

The countdown is on…8 days!

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