Day 971: Fieldtrip!

Madison was super excited this morning to hurry out the door for school. Today was her first fieldtrip! They have been learning about the growth cycle of a pumpkin at school so today they visited the pumpkin patch at Whittamores Farm. She was thrilled to go on a school bus! They had a leader tell them all about how they grow their pumpkins and then went on a hay ride around the field. They then had free time to play at the sandbox or playground and then visit with the animals. At the end they picked a pumpkin to bring home! Madison walked in her Walker for most of the trip, but had moments where she had to take breaks and leave the group to rest from all the walking. Overall it was a great experience and we will brainstorm some ideas for mobility on trips moving forward.  

After the trip Madi headed to March of Dimes to work with Monika. She worked on reading sentences, new words and did walking and standing in her SMO’s.


Madi spent the rest of her day with Janine and Brian at riding. She loved visiting with them and showing off on her horse Max. Pam & Medford also visited her session so she had a great cheering section. 

One thought on “Day 971: Fieldtrip!”

  1. As I recover from my hip surgery Ithink of Madi and all that she has been through at her very young age and not having a full understanding of everything that was happening to her. What a courageous little girl. She is so full of boundless energyand like I have said before….she is my hero and role model


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